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118335 stitches

wedding shawl 4

i’ve been working on something top-secret for the past three months, but at last, i can share it.

wedding shawl 2

one of my very best friends got married, and i knitted her a shawl. she knew i was making it, but didn’t know which pattern – or just quite what a labour of love it would be.

wedding shawl 3

when i asked her for suggestions as to the style & pattern, she gave me a stack of books, with the book “shetland lace” by gladys amedro in the middle. on the pattern page for this shawl was a note that went something like this: “this is my absolute favourite shawl of all time, and i’ve always wanted it. but don’t knit it, because it’s completely insane”. when i saw the pattern, i knew exactly what she meant. it wasn’t charted, and not only that, it was written in non-standard knitting abbreviations, so it would require a lot of patience to decipher. but how could i not make her the shawl she’s always wanted, even if it meant working from pattern notes like this?

wedding shawl notes

and it was definitely worth it – all 118,335 stitches.

wedding shawl 1

project specs: pattern: brora black shawl by gladys amedro
needles: 3.5mm knitpro circular
yarn: jamieson & smith 1ply shetland supreme, 85 grams & 1450 yards
started: 13th march 2012
completed: 12th june 2012

7 Responses so far.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is stunning! What an amazing gift.

  2. Cayt says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Rosesred says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful scarf. Really a labour of love, and it shows

  4. Magi says:

    Wow – and again wow. That’s an heirloom alright!!

  5. seismicknitter says:

    the bride will treasure that forever, beautiful!

  6. Emily says:

    Awesome shawl, good job!! Your (very lucky) friend must love it!

  7. Judy Smith says:

    That shawl is soooooooo beautiful. Congrats to you and to the happy lucky couple.

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