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35% canadian – 2013 collection

growing up in canada gives you a different musical perspective to much of the world.  i sung along with The Elephant Show and Raffi when i was little, danced to The Barenaked Ladies in highschool, and rocked out to The Tragically Hip  & Bif Naked throughout university.  and it was only when i left canada & started travelling that i realised something – nobody outside canada had even heard of so many of the bands & artists that i loved so much.

turns out, all radio stations in canada are governed by the Canadian Content Regulations, which require that a  minimum of 35% of the music they broadcast be by canadian bands & artists – ensuring that the airwaves aren’t overwhelmed by the current big american acts, and giving canadian artists a voice.

and it seems that the effect on my musical taste has been long-lasting.  even though i’ve now lived away from canada for nearly 15 years, if i look at my music collection, sure enough – it’s about 35% canadian.  this year’s colourways are inspired by song lyrics from some of my favourite songs, by some of my favourite artists.  you may not have heard of most of them, but that’s ok – you’re not canadian.

famous blue raincoatfamous blue raincoat
“the last time i saw you, you looked so much older / your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder” (leonard cohen, “famous blue raincoat”)
a “dirty”, faded blue – bright blue overlaid with red & chestnut

green's last gaspgreen’s last gasp
“i’ve got to put some things in the ground / even with this season coming around / it’s green’s last gasp & leaves brown / & autumn days are winding down (sarah harmer, “things to forget”)
the autumn moment when leaves start to turn – spring green overlaid with orange & chestnut

lip glosslip gloss
“it took me a year to believe it was over / it took me two more to get over the loss / i took a beating when you wrote me those letters / and every time i remember the taste of your lip gloss” (barenaked ladies, “enid”)
a “sticky” red/pink with a hint of orange & chestnut

regular guyregular guy
“i’m just looking for a four-eyes, really square, regular guy / just like you” (bif naked, “regular guy”)
a men’s-suiting, office-worker dark gray/brown

reves fragilesrêves fragiles
“caché dans les bras de Morpheé je règne / Nemo en exil / sur mes rêves fragiles” (moxy früvous, “morpheé”)

a dreamy purple overlaid with bronze & gold

something herbalsomething herbal
“i could do without your verbal / & i’m needing something herbal / & you’d better not bring me tea” (ashley macisaac, “i don’t need this”)

a deep, dark green layered with purple & magenta