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2015 club – rarest orchid


dorian: the rarest orchid on earth, thus the most expensive.

vanessa: is it poisonous?

dorian: like all beautiful things, i hope so.

although i run a yarn club every year, this time around it’s been a bit of a departure from my normal format, and i’m working in collaboration with the marvellous Ms. Karie Bookish to produce a three-month sock club! the january parcels have all gone out, so it should be safe to reveal what inspired this year’s patterns & colourways.

like a lot of folk last spring, i got hooked on the show “Penny Dreadful“, created in the US by Showtime and shown in the UK on SkyTV. based partly on the lurid & sensational 19th century british horror novels (sold cheaply for a penny, hence the name) and partly on well-known literary characters from the same period, this show was packed full of dark, gothic imagery and terrifying storylines, as well as some fantastic vintage fashion!

between myself & Karie, we focused on a few specific scenes & characters for our inspiration, and came up with three sock patterns & colourways that would be as at home in the Penny Dreadful world as they are here & now. this month, the colourway is “rarest orchid”, inspired by Rothschild’s Slipper (the “rarest orchid on earth”) as well as by the evening dress worn by vanessa in a later scene. Karie’s gorgeous pattern (blogged here) is inspired by victorian lace stockings – a sock for ladies of uncertain virtue; a sock for dark, decadent deeds & even darker nights.

rarest orchid

“rarest orchid” is the deepest, darkest purple, layered with just a hint of green – something sickly & sinister lurking underneath its rich, regal surface. is it poisonous? like all beautiful things, i hope so….

2 Responses so far.

  1. LaurelFaye says:

    love it!

  2. Cat says:

    Oh dearie me I yearn for this yarn
    I never join clubs as I am such a picky bitch about colours but bang bang this makes my heart beat faster
    Just imagine a shawl in this with glittering amethyst beads
    When is it available to mere mortals

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