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2015 club – the explorers club

sir malcolm

it’s that time again – the february parcels for the 2015 sock club (in collaboration with the marvellous Ms. Karie Bookish) have all gone out, so it should be safe to reveal this month’s inspiration.  this year’s club is inspired by the themes & characters of the cult tv hit “Penny Dreadful”, which i talked about in my last 2015 club blog post!

this time around, we’re focusing on something a bit more “masculine”, and have used Sir Malcolm and his history of adventure & exploration as our starting point.

the explorers club

“the explorers club” is a rich, dark brown/rust, layered with a hint of old brass/green patina – whisky, cigars, and leather club chairs; battered leather boots & desert sand; weathered maps, ancient bronze figurines, & long-buried treasure – perhaps it will inspire you to set off for parts unknown….


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