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2016 collection – february & march

so as you saw in january, i’ve created a new collection for 2016 that is based around movie & tv “bad girls”. it just occurred to me that i completely forgot to post about the february & march colourways (whoops) so here they are at last!


in february, the theme continued with a colourway inspired by Catwoman – Eartha Kitt from the original Batman TV series, obviously! Eartha Kitt is by far my favourite of the various incarnations of Catwoman – slinky, sleek, and wonderfully over-the-top – and the “purr-fect” colourway was based on her marvellous Catmobile, a bizarre concoction of lime-green metal & fur. Catwoman’s various comic book incarnations were always shown as dressed in green & purple, so i overlaid a bright lime green with a sultry, velvety purple to create this colourway.


paired with this colourway in february was one inspired by the character of Princess Aura from the 1980 movie version of “Flash Gordon” – another campy, slinky bad girl. “with a kiss” incorporated some of the colours worn by Princess Aura in both the movie and the original comic books – bold & sexy reds with a hint of treacherous, poisonous green.


in march, we moved into the world of highschool – which, as most of us know, is packed full of bad girls. “on wednesdays” was inspired by the eponymous Mean Girls from the 2004 movie “Mean Girls”, with their mysterious, unbreakable rules of “girl world” (“on wednesdays, we wear pink…”). this colourway is a bright “barbie” pink overlaid with denim blue.


and finally, rounding off this year’s collection, the colourway “what’s your damage?”. this colourway was inspired by the 1988 movie “Heathers”, and is almost exactly the reverse of “on wednesdays”, with a deep teal blue (based on some of Veronica’s wardrobe) with an overlay of red/pink – 1980s blue eyeliner & bloody mayhem.

you can see more details about all the colourways on the 2016 collection page, and find them in the web shop starting from today!

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