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2016 collection – january!!

the january parcels for the 2016 club have started arriving with club members this week, so it’s probably safe to post a little bit more detail about the inspiration for this month’s colourways. these are the first two colourways in the new 2016 collection (currently available only to club members, they’ll be available to all customers starting in april!).

when it comes to movies & tv shows, i’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the “bad girl”. they’re hardly ever the main character, but they always get the best lines, the coolest clothes, & have the most fun. this year’s colourway collection is inspired by some of my favourite cinema bad girls, and the colourway names are taken from some of their best one-liners. because as Helen Gurley-Brown said, “good girls go to heaven. bad girls go everywhere.”


the collection started with a colourway inspired by the character of Rizzo from “Grease”. i know there are a lot of objections to the central plot of this movie, and rightfully so (“get the boy you like by completely changing who you are!! hurrah!!”) but despite that, i can’t help but love Rizzo. she’s bold, brash, and completely unapologetic about who she is – she also has the best song in the movie, in my opinion (“there are worse things i could do…”). plus, her wardrobe is fantastic – all those bright corals, peach/pinks, and reds – which is what inspired the “peachy keen” colourway.


following on from that, i had to include another tough girl from the same kind of movie genre – Wanda Woodward from the 1990 movie “Cry Baby” (if you haven’t seen it, it’s essentially John Waters’ take on “Grease”, starring a young & beautiful Johnny Depp. go watch it now, & come back when you’re done). like most John Waters films, this is a weird & wonderful ride, and features a gang of tough “Drape” girls whose tagline is “our bazooms are our weapons!” (love it!). the Drape world is full of murky & complicated characters, and their colour scheme (the decor at Turkey Point, the girls’ wardrobe, even Alison’s clothes once she crosses over into the Drape gang) is deep, complex, and strangely beautiful. for “beat it, creep!” i took samples of some of the more prominent Drape colours – rust, teal, plum, and yellow/green – and combined them into a colourway that like Wanda, has hidden depths under its dark exterior.

i’ve had a ton of fun coming up with the colourways for this year’s collection – and not just because i got to watch some of my favourite movies over & over again in the name of “research”! – so i hope you love it too! the next two colourways will be revealed in february….

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