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a cry for help

it’s been gray & rainy today, so to cheer myself up, i did some sock yarn experimentation. i’ve been plotting & planning for a while about dyeing up a self-striping version of my hand-dyed sock yarn, so after a little swatching, a little math (eek! math!), & a little measuring out of yarn skeins, this happened…


since this was experimental, i took the opportunity to use up some of my least favourite colours of my kool-aid stash; that way, once i’ve perfected my self-striping-dyeing-technique, i can move on to colours that aren’t quite so…. well…

candy bright sock yarn

i think the phrase is, “crazy-ass bright”.
in theory, each skein should knit up to make socks striped with three rows of each colour (orange/green socks or orange/pink socks). but in reality?
that’s where i need help – that is to say, a test knitter, who can whip me up a sample sock to test the stripe pattern. you need to be able to knit a bog-standard, 60 stitch top-down sock with a ribbed cuff & a heel flap, & do it fairly quickly – say, within two weeks at the most. then, you need to take some decent quality pictures of the modelled sock & email them to me, as well as giving me some basic feedback on the yarn. in exchange, you get to keep the test skein of sock yarn & the sample sock, and knit up the second sock in your own time so you end up with a pair of crazy-ass bright socks for yourself!
if this sounds appealing to anyone, leave me a comment – first commenter gets it (although i’d prefer someone relatively close geographically, so i might give preference to UK folk – sorry). let me know if you want orange/green or orange/pink, and i’ll send you out the yarn as soon as it dries…

** edited to add: india gets it!! can’t wait to see the sample sock…

7 Responses so far.

  1. Well, since you asked so nicely…. if you bring it tomorrow I’ll cast it on there and then and whip it up!
    (Cos I like crazy-ass bright!)

  2. oh, and I think I’d like to try the green/orange combo….

  3. scarybez says:

    damn it, India’s just too quick!

  4. thomasina says:

    Hey – if you still need a test knitter I could do the orange/pink.


  5. soCherry says:

    looks really cool – i cant wait to see how this turns out! [it takes me about 5 months to knit a sock tho so I’ll not volunteer my services!]


  6. Kathleen says:

    Very zingy- hope test knitting goes well.

  7. Well, I don’t have a photo’ to show you yet, Lilith, but it’s knitting up a treat…

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