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a weekend at beshley’s

i spent the weekend doing a trunk show at a great new place in bristol – Beshley's Wool Shop, which opened in june with a focus on providing solely british yarns & knitting products. beshley contacted me to ask if she could become a stockist of my yarns, but as i'm not taking on any new wholesale accounts at the moment, i suggested coming down for a trunk show instead.



beshley's shop is lovely – as she's newly opened & still building up her range, the shop isn't bursting with stock just yet, but has a carefully chosen selection of beautiful yarns, all sourced from within the UK. & as she used to run a business selling vintage items & antiques, she also has a unique range of vintage knitting needles & notions, as well as a great collection of vintage buttons for sale.



after we unpacked the yarn i brought down with me, i'm afraid i rather took over the shop!



i was able to make use of some of beshley's fantastic vintage pieces to put together a great display – which in the tradition of trunk shows & marketplaces, looks amazing for about the first ten minutes until the knitters turn up & start to rummage through it!



it was brilliant to see so many online customers & ravelry friends in person, and to get to spend the weekend in such a beautiful space. beshley plans on building up her stock even more over the next few months, and her focus on stocking solely british products is a wonderful idea, and quite a unique one. the only downside is that there are so many nice things in the shop, it seems impossible to visit without spending money – after hanging out there all weekend, i came away with a gorgeous handmade harris tweed bag & notions pouch as well as some of the most perfect vintage buttons.



so if you find yourself in bristol, defnintely go visit beshley – just make sure you save up your cash first!!!


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  1. Hi there,

    I was so disappointed that i couldn’t make it up this weekend to delve into your beautiful wool collection, I love Beshley’s shop and feel so lucky to have my bags for sale in there. I thought I would send you a message to thank you personally for buying one of my Harris Tweed bags and the pouch. I hope they serve you well.

  2. Nancy says:

    I visited the shop when you were there. The yarns were lovely and Bristol needs all the shops we can get like Beshley’s.

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