Old Maiden Aunt Yarns

Studio 30. Ritchie Street. West Kilbride. KA23 9AL. Scotland. info@oldmaidenaunt.com

about Old Maiden Aunt

lilith is *the* Old Maiden Aunt, yarn-dyer extraordinaire, and Queen of Everything (at least at the OMA studio, anyways!).  after a circuitous path through various forms of education & employment (encompassing a degree in English Literature, waitressing, office/admin work, and training as a violin maker) she finally found her niche/obsession in the world of knitting, spinning, & dyeing.

helenhelen (aka purlpower) is an extra pair of hands at the OMA studio, taking on tasks as varied as yarn-prepping, studio-sitting, order-mailing, and occasional dog-wrangling.  having not knitted since childhood she took up the craft again with gusto in 2002 and has knitted every day since (even during a trip to India where her needles got so hot they burnt her fingers!).  she also dabbles in quilting, gardening, baking and card-making but considers knitting her true crafty vocation.

finn is Head of Security & general dogsbody.  he’s in the studio most days, where he feels it is his duty to bark at everyone & anyone.  but don’t be fooled – he’s actually extremely friendly, and easily tempted by treats & cuddles.  if you’re not a fan of dogs, that’s ok – he’s happy to stay at home & sleep on the couch if you let us know you’re planning a visit!