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ok, so i don’t say this often. but…

i was wrong.

after a quick reskein to juggle up the patches of colour & get a better idea of how it will look knitted up – i love it. definitely hinting at spring – yellow daffodils, a little spring mud, & green, green grass…

the grass is greener

(above left, before reskeining; right, after reskeining. wow!)
new to the old maiden aunt shop – 100% bluefaced leicester superwash sock yarn, 380 yards & 100 grams per skein, colourway “the grass is greener”. only 2 skeins available, so get it now & put some spring in your step! (sorry. i have an illness when it comes to bad puns, & there seems to be no cure.)
& a gratuitous closeup, just for fun:

the grass is greener - closeup

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