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candy luminous

inspired by today’s poem in the above post, here’s the first oven-dyeing-with-food-colouring experiment, in candy luminous sunset shades…


this batch of 70% merino/30% silk roving was dyed using vinegar & food colouring paste from a cake shop (normally used for colouring icing, i think) and then baked in the oven – and holy hannah, does it ever reek! this will undoubtedly be one of those days where the first words that come from the RSA’s lips on entering the house are “what is that SMELL???” (sorry, sweetie, but it’s not just me that has to suffer for my art).
oh well… at least i don’t have unsightly nose hair anymore.

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  1. shirin says:

    Saw your Iceing dye thing. Have you tried Koolaide – they have a web site with all the directions, plus several posts with colour cards and additional recipies if you really wanted to ingest the stuff – But it smells great, 6 min in the microwave, preteated with vinigar you can lay the yarn or flrrce out on a big table and paint it in sections , then microwave and all the colors of the rainbow with a silly smile. The scent fads after a while – who wants to walk around smelling like grape kool aide …

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