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cardigan catchup

wow – i haven’t been here in quite a while!! things have been pretty busy – i’m working like mad to try & keep the shop restocked, plus dye up a load of new yarn for knit nation, not to mention getting ready for a studio move! blogging has kind of fallen by the wayside – but there’s still been lots of knitting….

tangled yoke cardi 3

exhibit A:
started: 22nd november 2010
completed (eventually): 10th april 2011
needles: 3mm addi circulars
yarn: my own merino sock yarn in “strange rock n’ rollers” (just under 400g)
pattern: tangled yoke cardigan by eunny jang (ravelled here)
modifications: the pattern is written for a fine dk with a gauge of 24sts/30rows over 4″. i used a 4ply, with a gauge of 30sts/40rows over 4″, so i worked the pattern more or less as written for the 46″ bust size to end up with a finished bust size of 38″. i also had to mess about a little bit with the number of rows between shaping rows as my row gauge was a little different, but that was kind of done on the fly.

tangled yoke cardi 1

the merino sock yarn is great over the cabled yoke – lovely stitch definition!! overall, i’m hugely happy with this cardigan – it’s probably the best garment i’ve made so far.

tangled yoke cardi 2

this is actually the second time i’ve worked this pattern – the first version was worked in rowan felted tweed (the recommended yarn) & was much worn & loved. alas, one of the unfortunate side effects of my recent (& hard-won!) weight loss is that many of my old knits are now far too big (yay! but also, sob!). some of them i probably won’t repeat – but this was definitely worth making again.

larch cardi 2

exhibit B:
started: 28th january 2011
completed: 15th april 2011
needles: 3.5mm knitpro circular
yarn: rowan felted tweed shade 154 (ginger), 1300 yards
pattern: larch cardigan by amy christoffers (ravelled here)
modfications: i worked this more or less as written for the 38″ bust size. i worked a straightforward 1×1 twisted rib followed by a purl row for the edgings instead of the cast-off/pick-up described in the pattern (too fiddly!). i also did something strange with the collar which ended up making it a little deeper than the pattern version – i’m still not sure what happened there.

larch cardi 3

overall, i like this pattern a lot. there’s something very slightly odd about the way the shoulders fit – they seem a bit wide, & don’t quite sit right on me (maybe i just have narrow shoulders?). they also seem to sit a little farther back than they should (as you can see from where the shoulder seam is sitting in the next photo). even so, i still really like this knit.

larch cardi 1

i took both of them with me on our spring holiday (we headed up to these forest cabins in strathyre for a week), where i tested them in a variety of conditions (ok, mostly lazing about on the deck, knitting & reading & drinking wine – but they held up pretty well!). the great thing about spring (& even summer) in scotland is that it’s often still cool enough to wear hand-knits – & i can see myself using these ones a LOT.

2 Responses so far.

  1. doviejay says:

    Strange Rock ‘n Rollers is the best color ever and you look great! Love it!

  2. Alison says:

    Both beautiful knits but I adore the Tangled Yoke! And *sigh* I miss Scotland soooooo much.

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