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comfort, with a “C”

it’s been a difficult week here, for various reasons – life just seems to have me beat at the moment. i needed something to soothe & calm me, so i’ve been seeking comfort, with a capital “C”.

Cashmere, hot Chocolate, and (of Course)

Cat(s) (although the other one declined to be photographed).
more posts next week when i’m sufficiently back together enough to actually do something worth blogging about.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Whirly Sue says:

    There is nothing as truly comforting as a cushiony cat!

    Be happy!


  2. Nell says:

    Hi Lilith! What a pretty cat! I have a new blog, check it out for some cute mini-tabbies! And funnily enough, I have that mug too….. Could it be because you sent it to me!? It is one of my absolute favourites! Nell x

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