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dyed-to-order yarns

Old Maiden Aunt is now offering dyed-to-order yarns! this means that you can choose whatever colourways you want, in any quantity, and have them custom-dyed just for you.

how does it work? at least once every two weeks, i’ll choose a specific type of base yarn and will set up the web shop so that it will accept pre-orders for this particular yarn. you can shop all the colourways of this yarn, place your order for any number of skeins, and your yarn will be dyed and shipped to you in a maximum of two weeks from the date of your order.

what’s so exciting about dyed-to-order, anyways? keeping a large amount of dyed stock available for people to choose from is tricky, and it means that i’m not always using my dyeing time productively. it’s sometimes hard to guess which colourways/bases people are going to want to buy, and in what quantity – one skein for a special project? a sweater’s worth of yarn? this way, i can spend a good chunk of my dyeing time working on what i know customers really want, and know that they’re always getting what they need – if you’re looking for a large batch for a big project, it’s frustrating to find that most colourways only have one or two skeins in stock.

what else should i know about this dyed-to-order business? the base yarn being offered as a dyed-to-order option will change once a week, or once every two weeks – keep an eye on my Twitter feed and my Ravelry group to find out what’s happening. yarn being dyed to order will have this note on the product listing: “please note that this yarn will be dyed to order, and will ship within a maximum of two weeks from the date of your order”. this means that it’s not actually in stock, but will be freshly dyed when your order is placed, and shipped as soon as it’s dry. i’ll try to keep the pre-orders live for a few days to give everyone a chance, but may need to cap the numbers depending on level of interest (there’s only so much yarn one person can dye at once!!). ┬áplease be aware that as all yarns are hand-dyed, the photographs on dyed-to-order listings are not the exact skeins that you will receive, and that due to the nature of hand-dyeing, your dyelot batch will not be an exact match to the photograph. also please be aware that as only one shipping fee is charged per order, your full order will be shipped as one parcel once your dyed-to-order yarn is ready – this means that if you buy in-stock yarn and dyed-to-order yarn in the same order, your in-stock yarn will be held and shipped with your dyed-to-order yarn.

i still have questions about this, it all seems really weird! drop by my Ravelry group, where we have a thread discussing the dyed-to-order process!! this is a new trial for me, and i definitely welcome your feedback and any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions you might have.