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even more pathetic

well, the battle for “who feels the worst” is ongoing, and despite the best efforts of the cat in the foot splint, i’m edging ever closer to a win. the “just a cold” that i had in my last blog post transformed suddenly into a truly hideous chest infection, necessitating a friday night trip to the emergency on-call doctor, and numerous prescriptions for large doses of inhalers, steroids, and antibiotics – a great start to the weekend! i’m starting to feel a tiny bit better now, but the simple act of breathing is still occupying most of my energy & attention, so nothing much else is getting done around here. the spinning & dyeing has come to an abrupt halt (which is stressing me out just a little bit, as i’m working to an order deadline of, oh, the end of next week!), and there hasn’t been much sweater-knitting either.
but despite all the things that weren’t getting done, i decided that i needed (nay, deserved!) a little pick-me-up…

picot monkeys

and in the world of knitting, that means casting on for something new – yet another pair of monkey socks for me, with the so-cute picot edging modification that’s been popping up all over the place, knitted this time in Socks that Rock lightweight from the BMFA mill-end sale (i think the colourway is “socktopus”, but as it’s a mill-end skein i’m not 100% sure about that). i have’t knitted with StR for a few months, and had forgotten how gorgeous it is to work with – so soft & squashy! so even though progress is slow (the massive doses of inhalers i’m taking have the unfortunate side effect of making my hands shake – not great for knitting!), i’m enjoying every little stitch (when i’m not busy coughing, that is).

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  1. Hey, sorry to see that you are not so well. HOpe you improve quickly.

  2. TangledFrog says:

    Ugh! When it rains, it pours! Sending lots of positive, healthy thoughts your way…

  3. Flavaknits says:

    Hope you feel better soon! The sock/yarn is gorgeous , what a great pick-me-up!

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