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hello anna

i just realised i forgot to share my latest sewing project! i had a wedding to attend, nothing to wear, and no extra cash – but i did have fabric, and the Anna Dress pattern from By Hand London…



the fabric is a nice, lightweight linen-look cotton from Minerva Fabrics, and since this was pre-bargain-overlocker-purchase, i french-seamed it all. that is, all except for the back zip seam (mainly because i couldn't figure out how to french-seam a zip insertion!), where i used bias binding to do a hong kong finish on the raw edges. tidy!!



i do love the clean look of a french seam, but even on this fairly lightweight fabric, french-seaming pieces together that had themselves been french-seamed did result in a couple of slightly bulky seams (also, how many times do i need to use the word seam?!?). now that i've got an overlocker, i suspect there may be fewer french seams in my future – we'll see! i even added a secret edging to the inside hem – the insides should look as good as the outsides, i think, even if you're the only one who will see them!!



all in all, i'm really pleased with the dress. i did have some minor fitting issues – the slash neckline is slightly loose (it seems to be a fairly common issue that many folk have had with this pattern, and if/when i make it again, i'll probably make some adjustments to that). also, i ended up with an extra 2-3 inches of width at the back of the dress, which only became obvious when i went to insert the zip – i'm not sure if i messed up the standard seam allowance by doing french seams, or if i should have made some adjustments for the fact that i'm slightly -ahem- narrower across the back than i am across the front! i solved this by simply chopping off the excess down the length of the back seam, which seemed to work as all the other seams are still sitting in the correct place on me (ie the side seams are still exactly at my sides).



it's my first attempt at making anything even slightly fitted, and i'm pretty happy with it! i definitely need to work on my tailoring skills, but my ultimate goal of making my own trousers/jeans (imagine! trousers fitted to my actual measurements, jeans that don't gape at the back!!!) is inching closer…


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  1. Judy Smith says:

    The front neckline is a “fashion feature” and I think it looks great. It’s a lovely color on you; did you accessorize it with one of your fiber creations? Also — nice work binding off the zipper seams!

    Best wishes from Northern California

  2. Rachel says:

    Lovely. My great-grandmother was a seamstress and apparently used to say that you should be able to wear a garment inside out and not be able to tell the difference. 😐

  3. Lein says:

    Thank goodness I found this! Been trying to figure out how to make neat seams around my zipper on a chiffon dress. Bias Binding is a great idea!

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