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hello, february

tangled yoke

well, it’s the start of a new month, which this year, means a new sweater! february’s sweater is a bit of a cheat, to be honest. it’s the tangled yoke cardigan by eunny jang, which you can see finished pictures of here (or find details here if you’re a ravelry user). & before your mind starts to boggle with the thought that i’ve done all the above knitting today, let me confess the truth.
this project was actually started way back in september 2007, as a relatively mindless project that could live at work and be knitted on the two days a week that i was there. until you get to the intricately cabled yoke of this sweater, it’s pretty much just ribbing & stockinette, so it’s a good project to knit when you know you’re going to get interrupted every few minutes. & although i had good intentions of working on it, & only it, while i was at work, i got distracted time & time again by more interesting projects; and then, somewhere mid-november, it was left languishing in the closet at work and hasn’t been knitted on since.
that said, i did manage to still make a reasonable amount of progress on it – the body has been finished up to the armpits (knitted on one piece on a big circular needle) and one sleeve is about 6 inches in. but there’s still an awful lot to be done – finish the sleeve, knit a second sleeve, unite all the million tiny stitches for the yoke, and then the cabling….
i’m knitting it in rowan felted tweed, colour “carbon”, on 3.75mm needles. & although it’s a nice, relaxing knit, i’m already beginning to wonder if i’ve misjudged things by setting it as my february sweater. ok, so it’s already started, which is an advantage when you’re knitting a whole sweater in the shortest month of the year. but given the weather here lately (gray, rainy, gray, misty, gray, windy, & gray, punctuated by the occasional torrential downpour) i’m not convinced that a knit consisting of hundreds of thousands of tiny gray stitches is going to be as cheering as the flame-red yarn i worked with in january. maybe we’ll get some sun… someday…

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  1. Anna says:

    Please don’t let the grey get you down! And maybe you’ll have bright, crisp days soon, instead of rain. Fingers crossed anyway.

  2. TangledFrog says:

    I’ve been loving that pattern from afar for a while now. Why don’t you wear January’s sweater while knittined February’s to help brighten things up??

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