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hunky dory

this may come as a shock to some of you, but when i was a teenager, i was Not Cool. i was so bookish, i read my way through the entire childrens library and had to be given a special card so i could take out grown-up books from the adult library. i played in my highschool’s Concert Band, sang in the choir, and auditioned for every musical (always the chorus, never the lead). and i was heavily into 1960s folk music when everyone around me was listening to rock & pop.

my older brother, though, although never one of the preppy popular kids, was Definitely Cool. he played electric bass in a rock band with his friends, and had awesome 80s metal hair. he watched tv shows i wasn’t allowed to, and bought records by bands i’d never heard of. and he had much cooler taste in music than i did – among others, he listened to Queen, The Cult, The Cure, and of course, David Bowie.


he would occasionally try to improve my music taste (& overall coolness) by taping some of his records for me; one of these was David Bowie’s Hunky Dory. and although i loved it, and rewound & relistened to it until i nearly wore the tape out, it didn’t lead me to seek out any more of Bowie’s albums. maybe it was just bad timing – i was a broke highschool student (& then a broke university student) in the days before cheap or free music sharing & streaming services, when if you wanted to listen to something you had to buy the album, or tape it off a friend, or wait for it to be played on the radio. or maybe Hunky Dory is just the perfect standalone David Bowie album.


despite not keeping up with Bowie’s music, i was still more than aware of him as a phenomenon. he made imperfections beautiful, weirdness desirable, and “normal” people wish they were freaks. there’s so much in current pop culture that just wouldn’t exist without his trailblazing, and he helped so many of us weirdos feel like we had something worthwhile to contribute. i know there’s a school of thought that says we shouldn’t mourn for people we’ve never met, but i think we’re mourning more than the person. our generation seems to be reaching the age where our childhood heroes are leaving us, and that’s part of what makes us so sad when things like this happen.


so despite not being a serious David Bowie uber-fan, i didn’t feel i could let this pass. so i’ve dyed up a limited edition “hunky dory” colourway – on the sparkle sock base, which seemed obviously appropriate – which i’ll be selling as a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. i’ll only be dyeing 100 skeins, and only on the sparkle sock base, which will sell for their regular price of £15, with £5 from each skein going to Cancer Research UK. because of the way it’s dyed, there aren’t dyelots as such, so i’ve numbered all the skeins from 1-100 – please be aware that if you buy multiple skeins, they may not be a perfect match to each other. i’ll be dyeing them up in batches of twenty, and the first batch is in the shop now – but once they’re gone, they’re gone…

all 100 skeins have now been sold, and a donation of £500 has been made to Cancer Research UK – thanks so much everyone!!! alas this means the limited edition colourway is now gone for good – sorry if you missed it….

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  1. Chel says:

    Really love your post. I was one of the Not Cool in the concert band, and the library too.

  2. Rachel says:

    Lovely post, and a great tribute.

  3. Sharon W says:

    I loved reading your tribute and the reason for the beautiful color and yes, I did read that you had only done a small amount. But, by any chance would you doing more??? And Please. There are those here in the States that would love to order a couple of skeins or two.

    Otherwise, I do understand and will watch from a distance.
    I do thank you in advance.

  4. Catherine Gibson-Poole says:


    I wold love to have something made using your Hunky Dory yarn. I was and still am a dedicated Bowie fan!
    Do you have any left and if not do you think you will be producing more.

    Great idea!


    • oldmaidenaunt says:

      alas the skeins are now all sold out, and as it was a limited edition i won’t be dyeing any more of this i’m afraid. you could try checking on ravelry to see if anyone has any extras to share…

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