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i want candy…

does this…

remind you of anything?
it’s the merino/silk blend roving from the first icing dye experiment – the colours aren’t as vivid as i had hoped they might be (especially the bundle of roving at the back, which was on the bottom of the dye pot when i applied the dyes – apparently the dye hadn’t seeped through as much as i had thought!) but there was still something quite appealing about the result…

(i wonder what it could be?)
i couldn’t wait, and spun up 50 grams of the lighter roving to see how it looked – presenting a new 70% merino/30% silk sockweight yarn, 50 grams & 160 yards, in colourway “creme egg”.

just what i needed to chase away the gray winter! there’s still 50 grams of the paler roving as well as 100 grams of the brighter roving, which will hopefully be spun up within the next week & added to my yarn for sale (go check out the site, i’ve revamped the whole thing!).

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