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(im)patience is a virtue

i couldn’t wait to see what the dyeing experiment would look like plied up, so as soon as i had spun a bobbin full i wound it into a centre-pull ball (hi kathleen, i still have your ballwinder that i borrowed about six months ago!) & plied it. the result?

it’s lovely. although it’s getting gray here & there’s not much natural light left, this gives a good idea of the colour, and the shimmering silk bits that run through it. the slubby bits are so soft & squishy, and so much fun to spin – after my previous spinnings being experiments in how fine & even i could get the yarn, spinning thick & slubby feels a bit like making mistakes on purpose – very enjoyable! this skein is about 70 yards & 44 grams, and i’ve still got about 66 grams left to spin, so i should have more than enough for the secret prototype project.

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  1. soCherry says:

    Ooh … so pretty! Well done – this looks amazing! Are you going to bring it along to SnB on Tuesday so I can ooh and paw at it? [I promise I’ll do it pre-garlic bread!]

    Elaine xx

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