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in a pickle

those of you who follow me on twitter will already know that the last month or so has been quite stressful, involving illness, an abrupt hospitalisation, and some unexpected surgery for the RSA (my partner, the Resident Sock Appreciator). since i’m not great at coping with sudden changes, and i rely quite a lot on the RSA to keep my day-to-day life on an even keel, it’s safe to say that things were getting me down a bit. so when i found myself in a bit of a pickle, naturally, i turned to knitting for comfort & calm.


i’d been hoarding five precious balls of Rowan Felted Tweed in the most perfect, and sadly discontinued, colourway ever (shade 155 – “pickle”), waiting for not only the perfect project, but the perfect time – and this was it. five balls isn’t quite enough for most sweaters, but i really wanted to knit a proper garment out of this, so i hunted around on Ravelry until i found this. & after messaging a couple of helpful Ravellers who had already knitted it, i figured out that i might just be able to do it with the yarn i had, so i threw caution to the wind & cast on.

the sweater is knitted in one piece from the top down, with clever short rows to raise the back of the neck, and lovely visible increases to create the cape-like shape. i haven’t knitted a top-down, seamless garment in quite a while, and it was incredibly soothing to just keep knitting round & round (& round & round!), seemingly without end. and by sneaking in a couple of minor modifications, i managed to finish the sweater with about five grams of yarn to spare!

& i have to say, i LOVE it. it’s incredibly wearable (i actually struggled to stop wearing it for long enough to wash it, and only forced myself to do that for fear it was becoming unhygenic!!). the shape is fantastic, and the clever construction is easy enough to be able to keep knitting even when your mind is on other things, but with enough detail to keep you from getting too bored. and obviously, the colour is perfect.

project details:

started: 15th november 2014

completed: 4th december 2014

pattern: climb every mountain by heidi kirrmaier

needles: 3.75mm

yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed, 250g/950yd

modifications: this is designed with a lot of positive ease, but since i was worried about running out of yarn, i knitted the size “small” for my 38″ bust. when knitting the yoke, i split the body from the sleeves before pattern set 2; for the body, i worked pattern sets 1-4 as written and rounds 1-8 only of pattern set 5 before working the i-cord bind-off. for the sleelves, i didn’t work any increases, and just worked the ribbing for 7 rounds.

(my lovely new sweater is ravelled here!)

(& the RSA is much better, in case you were worried!)


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  1. Alli says:

    Lovely jumper – and so glad to hear the RSA is much better. Here’s to the holidays helping you get back on an even keel and happier and healthier 2015! xx

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