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in which i am not resolved

like a lot of folk at this time of year, i’m tempted by the making of new year’s resolutions. i’m always a bit put off by the word “resolution”, though – it doesn’t really offer much in the way of wiggle room, and whenever i’ve made resolutions, i either put myself under huge stress & pressure trying not to break them, or i end up feeling awful because i haven’t managed to keep them.
so this year, i’m going to start my new year with some suggestions to myself – a few things that i’d quite like to accomplish, or try to, but which won’t make me feel like an eejit if i don’t manage all of them.

so, this year:

i suggest that i need to start reading proper books again.  like my good friend Ms. Bookish, i’ve read quite a lot this year – unfortunately, also like Ms Bookish, most of it has been rubbish (although i’m more inclined to forgettable crime fiction than regency romances!).  i have shelves full of wonderful books, some of which i haven’t read in years, and a few of which, shamefully, i haven’t read at all.  as much as i love my kindle & its portability, there is something lovely about reading a proper book – so this year, all bedtime reading will be actual, real-life books.  i’m going to start by working my way through these, then i plan to get reacquainted with my local library.


i suggest that i might need to change my running plan.  so far, i’ve been focusing mainly on distance – i was training for a Very Long Run (and the running part of it was the least of my worries!) – but my plans went awry when i developed tendonitis in my ankle.  my physio is of the opinion that my increased mileage plus my slightly wonky feet was the cause of my injury, and that my feet weren’t really structurally built for long distance.  so i need to revamp my running style, and focus on getting faster rather than going farther.  since i’m built a bit like a penguin, this is going to be a bit of a challenge, but i’ll see how it goes!

i suggest that i might need to learn to love hills.  i’ve moved away from the completely flat seafront to a tiny but surprisingly hilly town, and it’s definitely been a struggle!  this is one of the smallest hills on my running route, so i definitely need to get used to it.

hill run

in other fitness, i suggest that i be able to complete at least one proper pull-up.  i own a pull-up bar (it’s in one of the doorframes at the studio!) and every time i walk past it, i hang off it for a bit.  but i’ve yet to achieve an actual pull-up – it turns out that it’s a surprisingly difficult maneuvre, especially if you perhaps weigh a tad more than you ought, and have the upper body strength of a ten-year-old (sigh).

i’d also suggest that in general, i try to get a bit fitter again.  the tendonitis plus my Tough Mudder hamstring injury, followed by a little too much holiday sloth & far too many holiday treats, has left me less in shape than i’d like to be.  since i have a bit of a history of hating my body, though, i need to do it sensibly, so i’ll be eating healthy things, working on my running, and avoiding the scales completely for at least the month of january – instead of weighing myself, i’m going to keep track of how i feel & how my clothes are fitting.

speaking of clothes, i suggest that i ought to knit myself some more lovely things. i’ve pared down my Ravelry queue quite a bit, but there’s still an awful lot on there that i desperately want to make!  i also suggest that i might need to focus more on what i’ll actually love to wear instead of what i’d love to knit – as much as i enjoy knitting complex cables or difficult lace, i tend to get much more wear out of classic, simple designs, and my wardrobe could use a few more basic but beautiful sweaters & cardis.

& in the category of utter frivolity, i also suggest that i will try to have more fun with my appearance.  i have quite a lot of bright, colourful clothing hiding in my cupboards, but for someone who spends so much of her life working with colour, i end up wearing a lot of black.  so i plan to drag out all my bright & colourful clothes, mix up colours & patterns, & generally be a bit silly – and try not to worry about what other people will think of how i look, but of how i feel in what i’m wearing.   a friend is learning how to be a hairdresser, so i might volunteer for some hair-dyeing experiments, just for fun.  and i’m determined that this is the year that i learn how to use nail varnish properly – i love all the colours you can get, and it seems like such a fun thing, but i’ve never mastered the art of putting it on!  i’ve ordered these fab colours as motivation – the start of the year in scotland can be a bit bleak, so this might be a good antidote to all the gray.

nail varnish

those are all the suggestions i’ve come up with so far – what are your ideas for this new year?

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  1. Paula says:

    My aim is to have more fun this year by reading more books I enjoy, knitting things that I enjoy knitting and enjoy wearing and bringing more colour into my wardrobe as there’s too much grey. I also aim to look after myself better, physically and emotionally.

  2. Catriona says:

    I love your use of the word suggest rather than resolve, much more realistic. Good luck. The best thing about this grey time of year is the chance to reassess then look ahead at what could be.

  3. Heidi says:

    My hubby came up with the best suggestion for a New Year’s Resolution and (surprise, surprise), it’s the only one we’ve managed to stick to perfectly, each year with slight mods:

    – each month, have dinner at a restaurant/cafe/pub that you’ve never tried before in your city/county/neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just new to you. Even though we’ve lived here for a good 15 years, we were surprised how many places we hadn’t heard about and how many of them were really really good.

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