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like crack

it started fairly innocuously, with a pair for my knitty sock swap pal, bryghtrose.


then, i wanted a pair for myself – after all, it’s a very nice pattern, so much fun to knit, & i had this lovely koigu waiting patiently in the wings – what harm could it do?


after i finished them (just barely over a week ago, if you’re keeping track) i felt odd. bereft, almost; a little sad, a little lost. it took me just over a week to realise what i was missing.


yes, it’s my third pair of monkey socks – this time, in socks that rock lightweight in “puck’s mischief”. & seriously – it’s sock crack. i can’t stop. it’s sucking up (socking up?) my energy, my attention, & all my knitting time; i only started this pair last night & they’re already only 5 rows away from the heel flap. & it feels so good…
if you haven’t already tried it, go get yourself some monkey!! all the cool kids are doing it…

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  1. cathy says:

    I’ll just let you knit my monkey– oh wait, you already did. 🙂

    I am knitting my first cookie a. pattern right now- pomopotomopoti – you know, the P-word socks. They’re fun. I might try monkeys myself later

  2. Cara says:

    I have Puck’s Mischief in the stash – they look GREAT! Love them all!

  3. scarybez says:

    All the cool kids indeed 🙂

  4. Funny you said all the cool kids are in on it – how did you know I was half way through the second sock??

  5. the rachface says:

    Your socks are awesome! Who said you shouldn’t do what all the other kids are doing? 😉

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