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little piles of sunshine

the only thing more soothing than knitting a stockinette sleeve? (which has now grown to near-mammoth proportions – guess i needed more soothing than i thought!)…

getting back on my lovely ashford spinning wheel & giving it a whirl.
i haven’t been spinning for all that long; i had one afternoon of lessons from india just under a year ago now, and loved it so much that i immediately went searching for a wheel (no drop spindles for me, no sir – if i’m going to do something, i like to jump in feet first!). since i’m on a pretty limited budget, i was keeping an eye out for a used wheel, and last summer finally found a woman from the spinning guild on arran who was selling her old ashford traditional. & since i tend to dive into anything i take up with great enthusiasm (also known to non-fibre-enthusiasts as “obsession”) it wasn’t long before i threw caution to the winds & started buying undyed fibre to experiment with.
one such experiment was the “creme egg” merino/silk blend that i dyed up ages ago. the lighter bundle was spun up almost immediately & sent off to k1 yarns for sale, while the slightly darker bundle languished, forgotten in the recent rush of activity & distractions from various fronts.
but really… how could i have let it sit for so long??

a little pile of sunshine, waiting to be spun… beautiful. i’ve now spun up 100 grams of singles, and intend to ply it tomorrow or monday, so i’ll keep you posted! & not only that, but it’s been sunny not just today, but yesterday & the day before as well…
maybe the universe likes me this week after all?

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  1. cathy says:

    That fiber is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what the yarn looks like.

  2. roro says:

    Oh my goodness. I want to eat it AND knit with it! I suppose the first item in contra-indicated.

  3. haley says:

    saw your comment on fricknits. i’m also a muppet fan, but my favorite is muppets take manhattan. lovely lovely yumminess–the only words i can use to describe this fiber.

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