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long overdue thank yous

i received another package from my lovely (& still unknown!) knitty secret pal today, which made me realise that since i’ve been a bit out of it for a while now, i completely forgot to a) say thank you for the last package s/he sent me, and b) post any pictures of the goodies! bad, bad secret pal participant that i am… so i’m trying to catch up on my thank yous here.
first, the package i received last month…

some knitpicks gossamer in “blue jeans” (actually a much prettier colour than the name implies – various shades of blue & very soft!) and (hidden underneath) a shawl pattern to go with it; a book by barbara kingsolver (so far i’ve only read the poisonwood bible by her & i loved it, so i’m interested to try this one too) and best of all, some socks that rock sock yarn in “ruby slipper”. also included were some really nice-smelling bath salts (which unfortunately couldn’t be photographed as they were so nice i’ve used them already).
and the latest package…

socks socks socks book (of, you guessed, it, sock patterns) and mindful knitting, which looks interesting; some koigu (yum), the cutest tape measure (you pull its “tail” to get the tape out, and squeeze its tummy to retract the tape), some more sock yarn (my secret pal knows my not-so-secret obsession!) in a sunny yellow to get me through the scottish winter, and a keyring with “emergency sock yarn” so i can have some with me wherever i go.
thank you secret pal… i’m sorry i didn’t thank you sooner!!

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  1. scarybez says:

    I love the ruby slipper sock yarn. Do you know if there’s a UK website that sells it?

  2. tigerlilith says:

    there’s no way to get it in the uk yet, alas… unless you know someone in the states who can send it to you!! sorry 🙁

  3. the prodigal summer made me cry. i had to put down the book, bury my head in my arms, and cry.
    but i’m a cry baby. i don’t want to spoil anything for you, so i won’t tell you which part in case you haven’t read it yet. but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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