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lucky me

welcome to another installment of “lucky tuesdays”….
today, i am lucky for a collection of reasons. i’m lucky because i got to go into glasgow today (i don’t get out much!) to have coffee & catch up with an old friend who’s been away in england for the past few years, so my chances to see him have been few and far between. he’s off to north uist for good in just over two weeks so it may be a while before i see him again (but at least i’ll have somewhere to stay when i finally get around to exploring the western isles!).
i’m also lucky because while i was in the west end i met up with jo from stellamystar, who sold me a fantastic charm bracelet inspired by “twin peaks”.

i’ve wanted a charm bracelet since i was about six so i thought it was time to indulge my inner child & finally get one. i’ll admit, i have never watched twin peaks (although now that i have the bracelet, i’ll have to give it a try) but the charms on this were too good to pass up, even for a not-as-yet-fan of the show. check out the “lost”-inspired bracelet on her etsy shop – it’s incredible. she’ll be at the next miso funky market in october so go buy lots of lovely things from her!!
then, i was lucky because i managed to find this at the oxfam bookshop for only £4…

…bargain. i’ve got plans for a few sweater designs in the works (that is to say, percolating in my brain with no visible evidence of their imminent arrival, although i’d like to have them knitted before winter ends!) and the immense variety of stitch patterns in this book will definitely help inspire me. also, i’ve signed up for the “grandmother purl” knitalong – for anyone who reads crazy aunt purl’s blog, her gran isn’t very well, so knitters from all over are each making a square to make grandmother purl a blanket to keep her cozy & cheer her up. i love it that this wasn’t purl’s idea – it was a collective response from the people who regularly read her blog when they heard her gran was ill, which says wonderful things about the internet knitting community (that they’re generous and kind, as well as a bit peculiar). i like the idea of a knitted squares blanket so much that after i’m done my grandmother purl square (probably using one of the stitch patterns from this book!) i may just keep going and work my way through the book until i have enough squares for a blanket for me as well. all in all, it’s been a good day…..

…. lucky me.

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  1. YOur friend – a bheil gaidhlig aige?


  2. FFC says:

    I am helping Kristy respond to all the knitters that have signed up for CAP!Thank you so much! We are so excited about the tremendous response! We are sure that this will be a success. If you have any questions you can e-mail at grandmotherpurl@hotmail.com

  3. tigerlilith says:

    india.. if that means does he speak gaelic (or something like that) alas, the answer is no… however, he’s a mad fiddler with an enormous beard so i’m sure he’ll fit in no problem up there! 🙂 xo lilith

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