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nothing to hide – update!

just a quick update to say that the rainbow yarn dyeing is now over – i really hope that everyone who wanted a skein managed to buy one in time!!

i can tell you that as of this morning, when the last skeins left the shop, i’ve sold a whopping ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN SKEINS, which means a massive £590 has been set aside for Stonewall UK!!!!

as i mentioned in my original post, i’m also going to be donating a further £5 for every person who medals for Team OMA in the Ravellenic Games (this is per person, not per project – alas, i’m not made of money, and still need to pay my studio rent this month!). so if you haven’t already, please drop by the official Team OMA thread and join in!!!

thank you all so much – i’m completely overwhelmed by the response to this, and by all your lovely comments here & on Ravelry & Twitter. i’ve said it before, & i’ll say it again – knitters are BRILLIANT.

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  1. Elanor King says:

    Well done Lilith, you’ve done amazing work with this, and the yarn is gorgeous.

    – Lnr

  2. Pamela says:

    No- you’re brilliant! All we knitters did was buy your great idea and beautiful work. Thank you for thinking of it and making such beautiful yarn.

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