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oh, dear…

… i’ve gone & done it now.

majacraft little gem 1

i spent saturday driving up to fife, to visit a mythical & glorious place, that i have oft heard of (from india) but never visited. when i came back home, it was with this in my back seat…

majacraft little gem 3majacraft little gem 5majacraft little gem 4

it’s a brand-new majacraft little gem II spinning wheel – isn’t it gorgeous?? it’s a portable wheel that you can dismantle & pack up into a padded bag the size of a largeish sports tote. but although it’s quite teeny, it’s incredibly stable & solid to spin on, & so smooth to use – i’m completely in love. i can’t stop spinning on it – i’ve been using it non-stop since i brought it home on saturday night. i’ve already spun up a full bobbin (& the bobbins are huge – they hold over 100 grams of fibre!) & started a second bobbin – i’m totally addicted.
here’s what’s on the wheel right now – sock hop superwash merino roving from crown mountain farms in “secret agent man”.

majacraft little gem 2

the first batch of this roving that i spun up on my old wheel worked out at more of a DK weight than a sock weight. but this wheel is so easy to use that i’m spinning finer & finer singles on it, & i think that this might manage to be an actual sock-weight yarn (we’ll see!). i’d like to blog more, but i have to go spin now…

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  1. Yosemite says:

    Welcome to the world of Majacraft. I got my Little Gem at the end of August and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I also bought the fast whorl because I am trying to get a fine lace weight. I’ve finally come closer since I bought the fast whorl than I ever have before. This wheel is fantastic. I am going to get a Suzie Pro by sometime next year because I am so pleased with how Majacraft makes their wheels. Enjoy.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Hi Lilith,
    How’s your wee kitten?

  3. Rebecca says:

    and how could you resist merino called “secret agent man”…
    what’s next? 007 ?


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