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on fire

if you follow me on twitter or read this blog, you may have seen a couple of hints earlier this year about a extra-huge Super Secret project i'd been working on. well, the project is over, and the secret is out, so it's safe to let you know now that i was asked to be one of the dyers for the 2014 Cookie A. sock club!!!


i've long been a fan of Cookie's amazing designs – in fact, the first time i met her (at Knit Nation 2010) i was knitting a monkey sock, and had to hide it under the table to stop myself from having an embarrassing fangirl moment (i didn't hide under the table with it, but it was close!). her designs are brilliant – beautiful, often complex, with every detail so carefully thought out that even the most difficult patterns seem achievable – so i was extremely honoured to be chosen. and also, it's fair to say, a little terrified – not only did i have to come up with a new colourway that was worthy of her design talent, but i had to produce it in a quantity that i've never dyed before. since i still do every little bit of dyeing here at Old Maiden Aunt, i limit my own club membership numbers for a reason – Cookie, on the other hand, had no such limit, and to complete the order in time for the august club parcels to ship, i had to start dyeing in january!!!


i hadn't seen the patterns that would be worked in my yarn, but was given a design brief of “girl on fire”, and two things came immediately to mind. the first was Katniss Everdeen (obviously), specifically the moment when she spins in her pink dress and it turns to flame (& a lucky guess, as it turned out that the club patterns this month were Girl on Fire & Tribute, both Hunger Games inspired!). and the second (perhaps slightly less obviously) was The Orb's “Little Fluffy Clouds“. anyone who went clubbing in the 90s will probably remember it straightaway: “what were the skies like when you were young?… they were purple, & red, & yellow, & on fire…“. so i set out to create a colourway that combined all these things – hints of pink, purple, & red, layered with orange/yellow & just the smallest hint of heart-of-flame blue.



after working on it for months, and stacking up box after box of it in the studio, i finally shipped it all off last month (with as much tracking & insurance as i could possibly get – there's nothing quite like handing over six months of work to some random guy in a van!!). and i waited not-so-patiently for the release of the august club package, so i could see the patterns & how it all came together (did i forget to mention that i'm a club member as well?). and then i got the pattern PDF…..


(eeeee!!!! i'm on the front page, running through fire!!!!)


it was brilliant, although i hadn't expected to be the cover photo!! i love both the patterns (but i may knit them in something else, as after six months & hundreds of skeins, i'm not sure i'm ready to spend any more time with this colour just yet – although i am actually making my flare out of a “mistake” batch that was a bit too pink to send out with the others).


if you're not a club member, don't worry – the club yarn colourway “ember” will be available for purchase in the OMA shop in six months – which is probably just enough of a break for me to feel like dyeing more!! thank you Cookie, for including me in the club this year – but now i definitely need a holiday, one that doesn't involve fire of any kind!!!


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  1. Giusy says:

    Yes!! I follow you from about 2 year now, (I follow Ysolda, that has great taste about yarn and everything, brought my attention on You), and since I signed up for the CookieA sock yarn club for the first time this year, I was very happy to receive this gorgeous skein! I’m writing to you an email just right now. 🙂

  2. Pamela says:

    That’s SO cool! Marking the calendar for 6 months from now!

  3. Terry says:

    Yippeeee! marking my calendar too! Congrats!

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