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one breath at a time

like a lot of folk, i was stunned by the results of the recent election in the USA. i never imagined that things were this bad; that fear, and hatred, and anger, would win out once again. i spent most of yesterday feeling physically sick at the thought of what else is to come – there’s no way to predict what effects this will have on a worldwide scale. and if i’m feeling like this all the way over here in scotland, i can’t imagine how terrifying it is up close.

so i came into the studio, and did the only thing i really know how to do, and started working with what i had. instead of thinking about how awful things could become, i thought about all the beautiful, kind, loving, & generous people that i know. i tried hard to just breathe. and one line from an ani difranco song/poem “tamburitza lingua” kept running through my mind as i was working.

one breath at a time

it’s important to remember that even in the bleakest blackness, there can be moments of colour & light. that we are stronger than those who fear and hate us; that we can work together to push back the darkness and fill it with love. so i’ve created a new colourway for the Old Maiden Aunt shop – “one breath at a time” – to remind us of this.

one breath at a time 2
this colourway is made by dyeing splashes of the brightest colours i have, then overlaying it all with a wash of deep black/gray, so the colours just show through.

this isn’t a one-off, or a fundraiser, just my way of trying to make sense of it all, and spread some colour and some joy to whoever needs it. it’s currently available in the merino sock yarn but will be appearing on all other bases soon. i’ve also dyed it up in some mini skein packs, where the colourway is broken down into brights and darks (you can choose from an “optimist” or “pessimist” version, depending on how you prefer your balance of bright vs dark!).

i think all we can do at the moment is take it one breath at a time; hold onto those we love, and focus on what we can do to push back against the darkness, however small. know that you are loved, and that in whatever way we can, we will help and care for each other through this.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Thank you for this. I pushed back against the darkness today by donating to Planned Parenthood. When you dye a heavier base, I’m going to purchase some to knit a hat for my daughter.

  2. Ella says:

    This will be perfect for a very dear friend in America who needs help pushing back against the darkness. Thank you.

  3. susan says:

    Thank you for adding to and spreading the light – together we will all restore love and caring to this beautiful planet.

  4. Margret Eythorsdottir says:

    This is the most breathtakenly beautiful yarn colour I have seen in a long time and I like the story behind it. I have had a song stuck in my mind since I got the yarn. One day, one breath at a time.

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