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postage prices

as you probably already know, every year in april, Royal Mail increases their postage prices.  to try & keep things fair, as well as to give my customers a bit of a break, i wait until the beginning of may to increase my postage costs – and it’s about that time again!


up until now, i’ve based my postage costs on the actual price (including a few pence to help cover packaging costs) of sending one skein of yarn – that’s meant that if you order more than one skein of yarn, particularly if you’re outwith the UK, i’ve been absorbing the extra postage charges (and you’ve been getting a bit of a bargain!).  unfortunately, the costs of international postage over 250g has really jumped this year; and Royal Mail, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to completely revamp their UK parcel system and introduce new sizing restrictions.


the additional costs for larger parcels have gone up so much this year that i simply can’t afford to absorb the extra costs.  and unfortunately (i’m sure you can see where this is going!) that means i’ll need to pass on some of the extra costs to you, my lovely customers.


so, as of 1st may 2013, i’ll be increasing my postage prices, and will also be creating staggered flat rate costs based on the weight/size of your parcel, using the number of skeins you’ve ordered to set the postage cost.  this means that as of the 1st may, postage costs will be as follows:


UK: 1-5 skeins = £3.50; 6-8 skeins = £6.00; 9+ skeins = £9.50


Europe (including non-EU countries): 1-2 skeins = £4.00; 3-4 skeins = £5.00; 5-7 skeins = £6.50; 8+ skeins = £8.50


International (non-UK/Europe): 1-2 skeins = £5.00; 3-4 skeins = £7.50; 5-7 skeins = £10.00; 8+ skeins = £12.00.


non-UK parcel charges are all weight-based, so for some parcels, i’ll probably still be absorbing some of the actual postage costs for you.  for UK parcels, the major problem is parcel size (unless you order a LOT of yarn!), but some skeins can be packed flatter than others – depending on the base yarn, i might be able to send a UK parcel at a cheaper rate (flatter parcels mean cheaper prices!).  in both cases, if i’m able to send a parcel at a cheaper rate than the one i’ve actually charged you, i’ll refund you the difference straightaway; if i’m sending the parcel at a higher rate than the one i’ve actually charged you, you win!!  😉


i hope you can understand why i need to make these changes – i try my best to keep things as fair as i can, but unfortunately i just can’t afford to absorb the big price increases this year without losing an awful lot of money.  (you can see the details of Royal Mail’s 2013 price structure here.)

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