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presenting the socks of doom…

bow before them – the sock war socks of doom are finished!!

pattern: the “socks of doom” for sock wars 2006
yarn: debbie bliss cashmerino dk, nearly two skeins (i have about 15g left)
needles: clover bamboo dpns, 3.5mm
time to knit: about 8 hours total!! the shorter leg helped, as did the thicker yarn. not to mention a lot of coffee, a few glasses of wine, and some delicious chocolates thoughtfully provided by the resident sock appreciator – after all, an army marches on its stomach, or so they say.

i can’t put them in the post until tomorrow morning though, and it seems that an awful lot of the people on the forum were already done & had their socks mailed yesterday!! that’s some crazy fast knitting – and here i thought i had been really speedy. fortunately for me, my target is uk-based, so provided the royal mail does their stuff i may still have a chance to assassinate at least one person before i get killed myself (it’s good to have small, achievable goals, i think).

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  1. scarybez says:

    Wow Lilith, you’re speedy! I shamefully have bearly started mine, and I can’t find my assasin’s blog on the ‘net to see how she’s doing. Right, better get off home and get knitting!

  2. Dee says:

    What!!!!! I would kill to be that quick a knitter. Good luck!

  3. thomasina says:

    Dammit that’s quickโ€”and you’re in the UK too. Here’s hoping for a postal strike and a stay of execution!

  4. thomasina says:

    Love the colour though!

  5. tigerlilith says:

    dee – the yarn is quite thick compared to sock yarn so it knits up fairly fast – i can’t take all the credit. plus, i did pretty much nothing else this weekend – i have no social life ๐Ÿ™‚
    sorry thomasina… they went in the post this morning so they will be with you tomorrow barring any postal strikes or acts of god!! glad you like the colour at least… ๐Ÿ™‚
    sarah – see you tomorrow? xo

  6. soCherry says:

    Wow … that is seriously fast! it takes me about 3 months to make a pair!
    they’re lovely ๐Ÿ™‚
    see you later on
    Elaine x

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