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project 260

a while ago, i tried to do project 365. and although i mostly enjoyed it, i didn’t end up making it through the whole year. i often forgot to bring my camera with me throughout the day’s events, and would then find myself scrambling for that day’s photo last thing at night, just so i could tick off another day from the 365 days that year. it started being stressful, and stopped being fun, and eventually, i gave up on it altogether.
i do really like the idea of committing to take regular photos, though – i enjoy finding interesting things to photograph, and trying to look at something in a different way than i normally would. plus, i bought a fancy-pants new camera quite some time ago now – and embarrassingly, i’ve yet to take it off “auto” mode (blush). clearly, i need the practice – but taking one photo every single day still seems a bit much (i already have more than enough things to remember).
so, here’s what i’ve come up with – i’m going to take 5 photos each week this year*, with no daily structures – if i want to blow all five photos in one day, that’s fine. and through these photos, i’m going to learn how to properly use my new(ish) camera (which frankly, i’m more than a little frightened of – it’s so fancy!!). since it’s going to be a learning experience for me, some of the photos might be quite bad, and for that, i apologise – i’ll be storing them all in a flickr set, but you’re under no obligation to look at them. i’m also going to be making it a little more interesting (for myself, possibly not for anyone else) by giving myself a theme to work with each month (chosen in a totally arbitrary way – basically, i’m making this up as i go). and what better theme for a cold, dark january in scotland than “warmth & light“…

month 01 week 01 photo 01
month 01 week 01 photo 01
christmas lights in the dark; macro setting, high ISO

i’m looking forward to seeing how my photos progress this year – and given how cold & dark january is so far, i’m especially looking forward to actively seeking out “warmth & light” this month…

* 5 photos times 52 weeks equals 260 photos!!

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  1. fey says:

    hooray for new cameras and learning how to play with them! looking forward to your pictures… 🙂

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