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simple things

thank you all for your lovely comments, here & on ravelry & twitter. things are gradually getting back to “normal” here, although there’s still a lot of stressful days to get through. with that in mind, i’ve been working away on a few simple things (that seems to be all my knitting brain is capable of at the moment!). i’m making another, slightly more loose-fitting version of my breton (ravelry link), this time out of rowanspun 4ply in “jade” for the main colour and a pale purple jamieson shetland 4ply for the stripes (no photos yet, sorry!). and the simplicity of stockinette stripes seems to have sparked a theme…

wollemeise leftovers

there’s also some socks on the go, in various colourways of wollmeise sock yarn – the skeins are so large that i always have some left over after finishing a pair of socks, but not enough to knit another pair, so the plan is to combine all my partial balls into various combinations, knit several socks of different colours, and then just make pairs out of whatever i finish.

and then there’s this little guy, who i bought today from a local crafter – he looked like he needed a home, and i needed cheering up!! and now that i’ve gotten to know him a bit, i’m pretty sure he needs a striped sweater too….

striped cat cardi

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  1. Nic says:

    Ok, so you posted this in May. But I’m really behind on my blog reading.
    Love the socks. Might have to borrow this idea. If I find time amongst the million and one other things I want to knit and quilt 🙂
    I hope life has been getting a lot less stressful for you since May.

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