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simple things

i’ve been focusing a lot on simple knits lately – probably because everything else going on is quite hectic! & although it can be hugely satisfying to finish a big, complex project, there’s something to be said for spending time with the most simple of knits…

brainless socks
“brainless” socks by yarnissima, in wollmeise sockenwolle “saami” (sock club colourway)

…to sit back & let your hands work away, building one tiny stitch after another, stacking up the rows without even thinking about it…

StR plain toe-ups
plain toe-up sock in socks that rock lightweight, colourway “love-in-idleness”

…& as each row builds on top of the next, the colours progress & change as they flow through your fingers, layering on top of each other, drifting from one shade to the next….

handspun socks
plain toe-up sock in sewknitnbeads2 handspun, colourway “lazy daisy”


3 Responses so far.

  1. soCherry says:

    You don’t want to finish my mindless socks do you 😉

    Love the handspun and Wollmeise ones!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Beautiful socks!

  3. Flavaknits says:

    Your socks are gorgeous! Have started Baudelaire in your alpaca blend and are knitting up a treat (slow but sure!)
    Have tagged you for a meme , but only if you can be bothered! lol


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