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so much sock yarn…

…so little time. the order from blue moon arrived this morning!!

alas, not all the yarn is for me… from left to right: “ruby” for sarah; “red rock canyon” for the resident sock appreciator, plus an extra skein of the same sent by mistake (!); two skeins of “rocktober” for india & lynette; and three for me (!) : “love in idleness”, “spinel”, and “puck’s mischief”. in my defense, two of the skeins for me were from a knitty swap, so it’s not as bad as it seems. the extra skein of “red rock canyon” was sent in error, instead of a skein of “sapphire” for karen. i’ve let blue moon know & have heard excellent things about their customer service so hopefully it’ll be resolved soon & poor karen won’t be sock-yarn-less for long!
now if only i can find the willpower to hand over the other skeins at the knitting meetup this evening, and resist the temptation to steal it all & flee to mexico…

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  1. scarybez says:

    Yahoooo! Can’t wait to get my hands on that yarn!!!

  2. sgeddes says:

    The yarn looks great! they must trust you quite a bit! I just might run to Mexico.

  3. anne says:

    wow, that is some beautiful yarn—and one i haven’t tried yet . . . but some day i will

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