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sock addict contest!

hello my name is lilith, & i am a sock addict. and, surprisingly for someone who’s so technophobic, i’m also a blog addict.
like sock knitting, i quickly becaome hooked on reading other people’s blogs, much like i loved the idea of knitting socks & enjoyed looking at sock patterns & beautiful sock yarns. i was reluctant to start knitting socks (too hard! tiny needles! & look how thin that yarn is!) but once i started, it seemed i couldn’t stop. & it’s been the same with blogging – i was reluctant to start my own blog (who would want to read it? what would i even write about? & does anyone really care what i had for lunch?) but since i started blogging back in june, it seems that i’ve had quite a lot to say – this is my 100th post!!! and what better way to celebrate it with a contest about my other addiction – socks, of course!
first, the prizes:

on the left, opal sock yarn in a limited edition colourway “hundertwasser silver spiral”, & on the right, lorna’s laces shepherd sock in colourway “black purl”.
now, how to win them: simply leave me a comment with your guess at answers to these questions (one comment per person so guess wisely!). the person with the closest guess wins the prize; if there is more than one person with the right answer i’ll draw names from the people who got it right. & to keep it fair, one person won’t be able to win both prizes, even if they got both answers right – i’ll make sure two people win. make sense? ok, the questions:

  1. to win the opal, you need to tell me how many socks you think i’ve knitted so far (as of today, that is). some important things to note – this includes (but is not limited to) socks i’ve knitted for myself, for the RSA, & as gifts for other people; it might also include socks in progress (if i’ve finished one sock of a pair) and even socks that i’ve knitted & then frogged (if i knitted a full sock & then decided i didn’t like it). this doesn’t include partial, unfinished socks though. also, i’m talking about “socks” singular, not pairs of socks, so if you think i’ve knitted, say, 10 pairs, then you should post a guess of 20 socks.
  2. & to win the lorna’s laces (& a bonus prize of a set of 2.5mm brittany birch dpns!) you need to tell me how many hand-knitted socks i currently own. this includes socks i’ve made for myself as well as socks i’ve received as gifts. it could also include socks in progress (if i’ve finished one of a pair for myself) but won’t include frogged socks (since i can’t “own” something that i’ve ripped out!).

clear as mud, eh? start guessing… i’ll leave the contest open for guesses until the end of thursday this week, and will post the winners on friday 16th february.

17 Responses so far.

  1. scarybez says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s hard. Right, here goes…


    2) 33

    Happy 100th post!

  2. thomasina says:

    Happy podcentenary!

    1) 54

    2) 36

  3. cathy says:

    Happy 100th Post 🙂

    1) 49


    I finished your socks and blocked them yesterday. They’re drying right now and should be ready to mail soon. yay 🙂

  4. Mary says:

    OK – these guesses are without the benefit of trawling back through your archives for clues…

    1) 49

    2) 55

  5. dancingnic says:

    100 posts! Congratulations!

    1. 57

    2. 31

    Dancingnic x

  6. roro says:

    One hundred posts! That deserves a 21 sock salute. Here are my guesses:

    1. 49

    2. 27

  7. knit_tgz says:

    a) 51

    b) you own 22 handknitted socks.

  8. ikkinlala says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post!

    My guesses are:

    1) 65
    2) 26

  9. Flavaknits says:

    Yikes – I am normally a “lurker” to your blog, but for the 100th post I’ll delurk!

    My complete finger in the air guesses are:-

    2) 26 – Bakers dozen! (excluding the pair the person above is about to send!!)

    BTW – am knitting my first sock as I write this! V. exciting, am at foot now.

  10. anne says:

    1) 51 socks you’ve knit
    2) 28 socks you own

  11. Mikki says:

    1) 55
    2) 42

    happy 100th!!

  12. Freyalyn says:

    For this I’ll delurk. And congrats on your 100th post – it’s actually rather scary how quickly one gets there!
    1 – 66 socks
    2 – 23 socks

    And both the prizes are wonderful – you’ve chosen well.

  13. yvette says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post

  14. Hey Lilith – Freyalynn dyes that fabulous merino fibre – see she has left a comment.

    a 12
    b 2

    pd recipe for soda bread is up on my blog,

  15. kelda says:

    mmm…hard one 🙂 Congrats on your 100th post, by the way!


  16. shirin says:

    You can’t have knitted more than 100 as you can still remember how many sock you have knitted… so a) 25 and you are still knitting more so you have room in your sock drawer so you must own about b) 25
    Guess i like that number.

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