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sock swap!

finally, something that has (albeit briefly) lifted me out of the bleahs… my package from the knitty sock swap arrived today!!


my lovely pal bryghtrose sent me a parcel stuffed with goodies – roving from spunky eclectic (which i’ve always wanted to try), hand-dyed sock yarn, dark truffle chocolate, and of course the pair of socks she knitted especially for me. she even made up her own pattern for them based on a “lily-of-the-valley” lace, with sparkly beads!

the close-up picture on the left is a better representation of the yarn colourway – it’s blue moon socks that rock lightweight in “pop rocks”. & if pink & sparkly socks can’t lift me out of the bleahs, i don’t know what can…
& here’s the socks i sent to bryghtrose in exchange – i’ve just found out she got them safely so i can post a picture now without ruining the surprise.


the pattern is monkey from knitty, and the yarn is cherry tree hill supersock in colourway “cabin fever”. the socks were a great knit, & i liked the pattern so much i’m already planning a pair for myself – maybe with my new sock yarn?

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  1. cathy says:

    Yay for a great swap 🙂

  2. iSeL says:

    Beautiful Monkeys!
    Thanks for you input. 😀

  3. I love those monkey socks! I’ve got some CTH that needs using up myself and was hoping to find a textured or lacy pattern that works; this might be it! Thanks.

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