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stitchy sunday!

it’s been a pretty busy year so far, what with club yarns, rainbow dyeing, and a HUGE secret project i can’t talk about yet. so i’m having a quiet moment this weekend with some little stitches.


i’ve never been great at sewing, but i did discover sashiko a little while ago, and after completing my first couple of sashiko samplers (& seeing some of the work that some much more experienced stitchy friends were working on!) i picked up a couple of DropCloth samplers to try out.


it took a long time for me to get going (i got stuck on the “lazy daisy” stitch – not my favourite, it turns out!) but i finally managed to complete the first one a few days ago – the “colour wheel” sampler – & i’m quite pleased with it. i even added a (slightly lopsided!) flower in the middle – i think my ambition may have outweighed my skill on that one, though.



after finishing the first one, i was on a bit of a stitching high – luckily i had another sampler waiting & ready to go! after an initial poor colour choice & some quick snipping & unpicking, i’m pretty happy with this one so far as well (also from DropCloth – you can find it here!).



i can see this becoming a bit of a new addiction – the downside is that i don’t have a huge selection of thread yet (obviously i should own All The Colours!) so although my hands might be happy, my bank account may not be…


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  1. Claire Meal says:


  2. Paula McKeown says:

    Looks great. If you get stuck for a colour, ask as you just might have a friend who has embroidery threads in all the colours – my knitting stash is tiny compared to my 20+ years of stitching stash….

  3. I love the way you stitched the center on the color wheel! It looks great!

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