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tedium & temptation

the tangled yoke progresses, albeit slowly. over the weekend, i was firmly convinced that there was no way this sweater would be finished by the end of the month (this friday! eeek!). i had made it to the “tangled” part of the “tangled yoke”, aka the crazily intricate horizontal cable that stretches the entire width of the yoke. and what with the 400-odd teeny stitches and the eleventy-million cable twists, i was averaging a speed of one row every 45 minutes! and with the entire cabled section, plus the rest of the neckline, plus the button bands still to do, it wasn’t looking good.
but – and i say this with a sense of achievement – the cables are done! i have twisted my last twist & bobbled my last bobble, and am now on to the stockinette portion at the neck, with only a few rows & a couple of button bands between me & the finish. and i would not hesitate to say that the process has been quite tedious. this is not to say that it hasn’t been fascinating seeing the emergence of the tiny, intricately woven cables from the plain background, and to watch the pattern unfold in such an ingenious way (seriously? the designer? complete & utter genius). but this last bit has been a bit of a slog, and i won’t be at all sorry to see this sweater off the needles (hopefully, by friday!).
& although part of the reason is so i can meet my self-imposed deadline of a sweater a month, the other part of the reason arrived by post last week…

sock - posh yarn - laura 4ply
hello. i am temptation, in the form of a pile of posh yarn

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  1. Anna says:

    Good luck meeting your deadline. Looking forward to seeing the finished photos.
    Do you have a pattern in mind for the posh yarn?

  2. Flavaknits says:

    What a lovely pile of Posh Yarn – good luck with finishing the sweater!

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