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tying up loose ends

i’m not a great finisher of knits. i love working on them, i love the knitting process, i love making up the pattern as i go along – but i don’t love the finishing up. weaving in ends, sewing seams, knitting button bands & buttonholes & sewing on buttons? yeuch….
….which is maybe why this cardi is only now making its appearance – now that it’s summer weather here, & too hot for wooly cardigans – despite all the knitting of it being finished nearly a month ago.

spring greens cardi 1

i’m quite impressed with how it’s turned out – even the locals stopped to admire my handiwork, and made appreciative noises as they watched the photoshoot.

ducks in a row

& although i’m really happy with it, i can’t help but be a little annoyed that i took so long to finish it up. the whole project has been a long-drawn-out labour of love, since it’s the first ever large-scale project where not only did i do all the knitting & make up the “pattern” (such as it is), but i also made all the yarn myself – the bright green of the yoke is my own mill-spun hand-dyed yarn, and the rest is my very own handspun!

spring greens cardi 3

i worked on this throughout a very stressful period, and the combination of the simple pattern & the lush handspun merino/silk blend was hugely soothing. & although i had some slight doubts & misgivings about the “pattern” as i was going along, i’m really happy with how it’s all turned out in the end.

project specs:
start date: 21st april 2009
completion date: 26th may 2009
yarn: main colour – my own handspun, a 70% merino & 30% tussah silk blend spun to a heavy aran 2ply, with roughly 680 grams & 620 yards; contrast colour – my own hand-dyed aran alpaca/merino/bamboo blend, 100 grams & 180 yards
needles: 5.5mm
pattern: a top-down round garter yoke cardigan made up as i went along

spring greens cardi 2
don’t i look pleased with myself!!

8 Responses so far.

  1. ambermoggie says:

    that looks stunning:)

  2. Kathleen says:

    don’t i look pleased with myself!!
    No wonder, it looks great. I’m loving the colours. x K

  3. Paula says:

    It looks great. Well done.

  4. Kate says:

    Great colours – love it!

  5. Felix says:

    I love the shape and the subtle details and the colour is gorgeous!

  6. Liz says:

    That looks fantastic. Great inspiration for my first attempt at making a real garment (i.e. not socks) out of handspun this summer).

  7. You should be pleased with yourself. It is lovely.

    I found your blog through Brooklyn Tweed and am happy to have done so!! I shall return!

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