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do you ever have one of those weeks where you just don’t know if you’re coming or going? i’ve been working away on the march sweater, & have made it halfway up the second sleeve (although since march ends tomorrow, i’m thinking that the sweater still won’t be finished in time). & in between, i’ve been messing about with a skein of socks that rock lightweight, which just won’t do what i want it to.
first, i tried some monkey socks, but the yarn was pooling, and didn’t look quite right with the pattern. not to mention that somehow, the socks were ending up over 2 inches wider than the other monkey socks i’ve knitted, even though a previous pair was from the same type of yarn on the same needles. so i ripped those out.

picot monkeys

then, i started another pair of socks, this time in a basic 3×2 rib. they were going to be arch shaped socks, but the leg still wasn’t looking quite right, so they’ve been ripped out as well.

i can’t quite figure out what to do with this yarn; i love the colourway, but i can’t quite get it to look how i want it to. it could be the stitch count – the monkey socks are a 64-stitch leg & the arch shaped socks have 65 stitches, so maybe a smaller stitch count would break up the pooling a little bit more. maybe another basic toe-up sock is the answer; at least, that’s what i’ll try next! & we’ll just have to see how it goes…

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  1. TangledFrog says:

    No matter when it will be finished (or was finished…) that’s one beautiful sweater!

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