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last week, i took a trip down to brighton for the first ever Unwind (with hopefully many more to come!). it was simultaneously brilliant, overwhelming, stressful, exciting, exhausting, and utterly fantastic.



the venue for the marketplace (where i spent all my Unwind time) was lovely, and wonderfully planned out by Dani & her team – although we were unbelievably busy, especially on the saturday, it never felt crowded or closed-in. the vendor selection was amazing – so many talented, creative people in one place was a great sight to see (although i only had time to do the odd quick lap here & there before dashing back to my booth!).



i did manage to snatch up a few things (& pay for them, don’t worry!) while running past some of the other stalls – a brilliant Knitter’s Prefect badge from TrueBritKnits (which i’ve been coveting for a while!), a vintage crochet hook ring from Yellow Bear Wares (not pictured, because i won’t take it off!), a lush batt from SpinCity, and a gorgeous skein of Tosh Sock from our lovely stall-neighbours Nature’s Luxury (although if lesley had had her way, we’d have made a run for it with their fabulously well-behaved poodle as well, who spent the weekend charming everyone who met him!).



it wasn’t all work – despite saturday’s busy day, we made it out to the PomPom Seaside Shindig that evening, and arrived just in time to help team Poutine & Haggis win the knitting pub quiz (although with several knitting celebrities on our team, we did face some allegations of our team being stacked – the excellent prizes helped us get over that fairly quickly though!!) and on the sunday night, we joined some other lovely knitters for the World Cup final game in an super craft ale pub (i very nearly had an embarassing fangirl moment when i realised i was busily knitting my flare two seats away from its designer, but i managed to contain myself! also, there may have been wine involved, which would have been awkward for everyone, i’m sure).



after the marketplace was over and we were all packed up, we stayed on in brighton for a couple of extra days, and had some proper holiday time to relax & unwind.



i hope there’s a next year….









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  1. Thank you so much for the name drop! (I’m Yellow Bear Wares) it was a fantastic show, so nice to have had my first experience into the world of knitting shows down here in Brighton, are they all as lovely as this one was?
    I hope you are enjoying your ring!

  2. Alli says:

    I’m so glad you chose the SweetGeorgia part of the prize! It’s to make the Baya shawl from PomPom (the girls should give you a copy of the latest issue of PPQ unless you already have it) – but of course you can use it to make whatever you want! It was lovely meeting you and Leslie at Unwind and I hope we’ll all get to see each other at another show! 🙂

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