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well, bleah.

i’ve had a hard time being inspired lately, not just to post here, but to do anything at all. there’s a lot of reasons for that at the moment – my local knitting group seems to be having a nervous breakdown (but i’ll spare you the specifics) which is causing me some stress; i’m having to finally deal with the official paperwork-y bit of closing down my business; it’s been gray & rainy; i have some kind of weird stomach thing happening (again, i’ll spare you the specifics!); & all my projects (knitting & spinning) seem to have stalled at a midpoint & i can’t muster the energy to push them forward…..
and then there’s the time of year. the couple of weeks around this time are hard for me; next week will be the sixth anniversary of my dad’s death, and even though it’s been a while now, i still find myself grinding to a halt at this time of year.
there have been a few things that are managing to break through the bleahs – i won parikha’s “when bad things happen to good knitters” contest by sharing my past knitting traumas (yay!); i managed to find a couple of pairs of new jeans (finally!); and i’ve recently been given this interesting task:


winding huge long skeins of yarn for kerrie at hipknits to dye into self-striping sock yarn, which basically involves setting up two points (like two kitchen chairs, or in my case, two laundry racks, since my house is oddly chair-free) a certain distance apart, and walking repeatedly up & down the hallway between these two points, trailing a cone of yarn behind you until it winds into whatever size skein you need. fun! but also not without its own monotony…
it has, however, inspired me to order a big cone of undyed BFL sock yarn for myself, to try some sock-yarn-dyeing experiments that will possibly be sold on the old maiden aunt site, so that must be good.
check back later, when i’ve shrugged off the bleahs…

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  1. Flavaknits says:

    Know what you mean Lilith – the bleahs always get me this time of year too!
    Think there must be something in the water to make this year a bit more bleah than last!
    Hope you feel a little cheerier soon

  2. cathy says:

    I know how you feel–that horrible apathy that’s just so hard to shake. Hopefully you’ll be cheerier soon.

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