Old Maiden Aunt Yarns

Studio 30. Ritchie Street. West Kilbride. KA23 9AL. Scotland. info@oldmaidenaunt.com


i’m now running dye-your-own workshop days at my wee studio in west kilbride!!

workshop cost: £75 per person

workshop format: 4-5 hours split into two halves. in the first half of the workshop, you will get the chance to dye up some mini tester skeins of several different yarn bases (type of base available may depend on what i currently have in stock), which will give you a chance to experiment with several different fibres & colours, as well as trying out some different dyeing techniques. in the second half of the workshop, you will dye a full-sized skein of your choice of base yarn in your own custom colourway!

the workshop charge includes tester skeins, one full-sized skein, and all dyeing materials & tuition. extra skeins can also be dyed at an additional cost of £8 per extra skein.

(please note that my dyeing method is more “artistic” than “scientific” – i won’t be giving you loads of technical information, but you’ll get a fun day of trying different colours & yarns, and will get to take home a true one-off yarn in your own custom colourway!)

to book a workshop day, simply email me! i do need to balance giving workshops with my own dyeing work, so if i’m particularly busy i may not be able to offer the workshop date that you request, but i’ll do my best to try & accommodate you if you have a particular day/time in mind. in order to have the best possible dyeing experience, i’d prefer to have no more than two or three people booked to take a workshop at the same time.

please be aware that due to family circumstances, my availability for workshops throughout the rest of 2017 may be quite limited.